The Empire Strikes Back

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

When I’d heard George Lucas was planning on re-releasing the three films of the Star Wars trilogy I think I promised myself I would be there each opening night. I only made it to one of those opening nights, in fact. I went with the Erik, Zeke, and a few others and we waited in an enormous line that twisted and turned throughout the entirety of the Lawrence Showcase Cinema. Also in the line were a gaggle of people from the Tupes, including the girl I had a crush on.

The one Star Wars Special Edition I saw on opening night was The Empire Strikes Back and I remember it was cool, despite the crowd being loud and having to sit up close. I also remember that I was extremely nervous that the girl I was interested in was there and I kinda wanted to go say hello. They sat apart from all of us geeks, you see.

And so, to this day I am ashamed to say that I spent a great deal of my time that night thinking about decidedly non-geeky things while I was partaking in one of the few sacred rituals of geekdom — watching a Star Wars flick.