Summer Sucks

I am sick and tired of the oppressive heat the humidity that the end of June has brought to the Northeast. Today, as I was trying to get my regular afternoon exercise in, I was wracked by a pain in my chest that forced me out of my routine. I am a creature of habit and I hate when I am not able to move through my day in the carefully crafted pattern that I have developed for myself.

I also loathe the fact that after months of working out and watching what I eat I am still a bordering on “obese.” I feel better about myself and when I’m being honest I can say that I look better than I did six months ago, but the scale does not lie and the scale says I haven’t lost a single pound.

That’s neither here nor there though. I want to talk about the heat.

The heat is disturbing my reading patterns as well. I have made a habit of reading for an hour each day during lunch and this week it has been especially hard to do so with the temperatures rising higher and higher each day. To boot, I am in the middle of reading a book that is quite enthralling to me and its pissing me off that I have to pause every minute or two to wipe the sweat from my brow as I sit out on the town common.

I await, with baited breath, the arrival of Fall and the temperature that it should always be.