Sweating In Place

I didn’t get out of work until close to six o’clock, almost an hour later than normal, because there was a series of small e-mail blasts that needed to go out today. This would cause me to miss another afternoon of exercise (not that I planned on doing it anyway in this contuinally stifling heat), my afternoon writing, and perhaps my monthly visit to the open-mic night in Haverhill. I couldn’t complain though, because as Scott and I were discussing my strange habit of quadruple checking every e-mail I send out he began singing. “You down with O-C-D? Yeah, you know me.”

For those of you who don’t remember that tune from your early childhood, go download it now before the government starts blowing up every computer with Kazaa on it. It’s by Naughty by Nature and I believe it’s called “O.P.P.” I do know that it samples the Jackson Five’s song “ABC.”

I did miss my exercise and I did miss my afternoon writing but I made it up to Haverhill in time to participate in the evening’s open-mic night. Unfortunately for my stories, the crowd was once again relatively underage and I had to fish for something that might actually be appropriate. The rest of the crowd got up and read stuff, and the host Lani Peterson was fabulous. When I finally got up and read my stuff at the end of the night I was short on time and really intimidated and not feeling like I should read anything at all. I didn’t even get to finish the story and when I sat down I felt ashamed of myself for some reason I can’t explain.

I did receive a couple of compliments, but I never take compliments too seriously. I figure most people are just being nice to you because you had the courage to get up on stage.

And now I’m back at home and I’m sweating bullets just sitting in this damn chair. That is how uncomfortably hot it is in my apartment. I see no way that I’m actually going to get any sleep tonight and I feel horrible about myself to boot.

I wish I could just get up in front of a crowd of adults and read a bunch of my stories, maybe even my whole book over the course of a couple of nights. That would be really terrific.