Four Bookstores Again

Just like last Friday, I had to visit four bookstores to finally find the tome I was looking for. Tonight the quest was for a copy of Americans’ Favorite Poems, edited by Robert Pinsky and Maggie Dietz. It was a text I was required to get for the start of my upcoming master’s program and nobody seemed to have it. I went to the mall book store and the Barnes & Noble in Salem, NH. I went to the Borders in Methuen. And finally, I went to the Borders in Nashua, NH because the computer in Methuen told me the Nashua location had two copies left.

It took me a great deal longer than I thought it would to get to Nashua. One of the major highways in my area was closed down and I had to get off an exit I was unfamiliar with and navigate my way around the backroads to finally get where I was going. When I got into the Borders in Nashua I did finally find a copy of the book and I bought it.

This little adventure was preceded by a quick trip to the Mall at Rockingham Park and that was preceded by me finishing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and that was preceded by a long day at work. The end.