Never Forget

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

I drove down from Bradford one weekday evening in the Fall of 1996 to do band practice and much to my surprise, there was no Jon and no Ken. It was just Andy, Dubner, Beth, and myself. We ran through a couple of the songs we could play with just the four of us and then we decided to try something out. We decided to try and write something new.

I had some lyrics and Andy read them and then started strumming this simple riff. B-flat, D, E-flat and then again… Eventually he added a bridge that was only a slight variation. I can’t remember the chords. The chorus and the verse ended up being the same. Eventually, when he’d done the riff a couple times and taught Beth the Bassist the part, Dubner had begun to add drums. When the full band was going I added my vocal, singing the lyrics: “Makebelieve roses, doused in perfume. The man I loved, sealed in his tomb…”

By the time KenMills showed up a little while later, we had the whole song. He tried to add some stuff but eventually just hung back. Jon showed up shortly after that, just as we were about to break. He’d had some car trouble. I think we played him the song once and everyone agreed it was pretty damn good.