Jennifer Pt. 1 - Meeting & Flirting

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

The end-result of all my fucking around in chatrooms during the Fall of 1996 was a chance meeting with a girl named Jennifer. I don’t think we hit it off at first. I think there was some friction, but that eventually led to some cordial conversation and the cordial conversation eventually led to what I imagined was a mutual interest in each other.

I hadn’t been in a relationship since Louann and I had broken up early in the year. I had plenty of crushes, seen plenty of girls I’d like to have gotten together with, but nothing had ever happened. It seemed to me that this thing that was developing between Jennifer and I, however strange it was that we were building a relationship through a computer screen, might actually turn into something.

This was the delusion a number of people in that Internet room labored under. We were all looking for things. The guys and gals who hadn’t been able to find success in real life thought this new invention, this new thing that had been brought to us, was going to save our love lives.

Jennifer and I flirted via e-mail and chatrooms over the course of a couple of weeks in October. It seemed to me to be heading somewhere. I was even considering making a phonecall and taking this thing one step closer to reality.