Removal from Society

Stephanie was away at class all day and I spent time writing archival entries for this site, playing video game football, and traveling up to the Comic Book Palace in Haverhill to shoot the shit with Glen, pick up my books, and leave three copies of Those Little Bastads on consignment. I also spent much of the day hoping for phonecalls to get me out of my solitary existence, if only for a couple of hours.

It was known to me that one of my friend’s was coming back from his faraway journey the day before and I had wanted to call him. Unfortunately, his newer phone number has been swallowed in the abyss of my e-mail. It used to be there, right there in the folder marked with his name, but it is not now. I was sad.

I also seem to have a nasty habit of getting phonecalls to do stuff all the time when I’m busy, but never when I’m not busy. One would say to me, “You should be calling those people then, when you’re not busy,” but the trouble is I don’t realize I’m not busy until its too late.

The thing is, I’ll be perfectly content to sit here and work on my little projects all day, but once I realize that more than half the day has slipped away without me having so much as a trace of human contact, then I get antsy. I think I went to the Comic Book Palace more to talk with Glenn then to drop off or pick up books. I needed to talk to someone, man. And, Glen is one of the few people I can talk comics with anymore besides Erik, so… so whatever, okay?

That’s what I did with my day. What I’ll do with my Sunday is entirely open. If you’re reading this sometime on Sunday morning and you’ve got nothing better to do, shoot me an e-mail or give me a call.