A Slice of Summer 98

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

While scouring around through old files on 29 June 2003, I discovered again an electronic journal I started in the immediate aftermath of Stephanie and I beginning our relationship. There were only three entries: one for the night of Stef and I’s first kiss, this one, and one other. Here’s the one dated 28 May 1998, 10:42 PM.

well guess what… i’m still with her… nothing really sad to report except that i did not see her at all today, which i believe makes the first time in almost a month… and that really kind of has me bummed out cause i had such an amazing weekend with her.  saturday we went to a cookout with Angela’s family and that night we went to a dance/dinner in haverhill for a somebody against drugs organization.  she wore this amazing green dress… she looked gorgeous, as per usual… and we danced… it is hard to keep up with her… she’s a dancer y’know… but i did my best and she actually said i did rather well… i just noticed that the one really bad thing about this journal thing on the computer is it’s too hard to erase… with the paper one i could crumple something up but that was a waste of paper… ugh… anyway… i tried to call rach tonight but she wasn’t home… and i’m working…. and that’s a ball let me tell you… actually its not bad… the band was back together sort of for a while but i haven’t seen Andy or JonMartin in a week or so… so anyway, back to what stef and i did this weekend… so sunday we went to see her great grandparents and mother and brother, and sister, and sister’s boyfriend… i had met all but the great grandparents and the brother… it really was a good time… her great grandfather was really fun to talk to, and made the visit that much more pleasant… and her brother wasn’t obnoxious like some kids his age can be, but that might have had something to do with the fact that he was sick… i actually think he and i will get along pretty well… so sunday night we get back and there’s fucking Jimmy getting out of ang’s car, and we all end up going out, playing pool and then i end up being the only one to go home and then i get up like a second later to go right back so we can all go to the beach… which was kind of fun… lying in the sun with stef… so many things to tell you about… but i should really be writing my play… but i’m sort of putting it off cause i’m not sure where i’m going with it right now… so really i am just bored and sad about not seeing stef… and i’m gonna go now… buh-bye… talk to you latah…