Four Day Weeks

Today at work was the sort of day that makes you really happy you’re only working a four-day week. It began with the noise of people putting down carpet on one side of our office and ended with the noise of my demons yelling at me from one side of my brain. In between there was a great deal of hectic work to be done and I was not up for any of it.

My one solace, the hour lunch break I get where I take time to read, was disturbed by my growing headache and by a tiny bee that followed me from bench to bench on the town common. I was trying to read something for my graduate program to boot and I was trying to keep focused. The bee and the headache didn’t help.

By the end of the day I didn’t even want to get back to my exercising. I was in a really low place and not seeing the point of anything. I did work out though, and that made me feel better. It always does, if only for five minutes.

That was my day. Not much else to report.