Vocis Mirae

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

This entry is taken directly from my paper journal: “Of course things only get better so that they can get worse. Now Jon cant “deal” with the name of the band. He wants to change it to Vocis Mirae. What the fuck? I like Brand X, so does Ken, we’re in the middle of a fucking demo, and we have to all get in a fight about the name. Oh, I’m so fucking depressed… goodbye!”

Melodrama aside, I was upset that we were considering changing our name in the middle of recording our fucking demo. I think I had a right to be. It seemed so odd that we should be even considering it when we had a lot of work to do with polishing our songs.

As I recall, KenMills and I weren’t the only ones who disliked the name. I think JonMartin was the fiercest supporter of Vocis Mirae. The trouble for Ken and I, who both liked the name as it was, was that even if the others didn’t like Vocis Mirae, they also didn’t like Brand X.

Eventually we’d sit down and have a conference to decide on a new name, but for the demo Ken and I won out and we stayed as Brand X, though we dropped the “detergent” from the end of the name to appease everyone.