It’s hot in the apartment and Stef isn’t back from her night out with her coworkers yet. I’m a little worried about that because she doesn’t usually stay out this late when she goes out with them. I’m a little worried, but it’ll pass. I’m always a little worried. I just finished watching Terminator 2 to boot. Watching movies about the end of the world or preventing the end of the world never seems to help my paranoia.

It did make me want to see the new Terminator movie though. I’ll probably go and see it next weekend when Stef has class. I don’t think she has any desire to see it herself.

I actually felt useful at work today and that led to a pretty decent after-work mood. I was brought down a tiny bit while I listened to the old Brand X demo tape to research for the archival entries I was writing today, but that soon passed. As I said in one of my entries, it’s not so much that the demo sucked that makes me sad, (though we could never deny that the demo did kinda suck), it’s the fact that in listening to it I can hear little sparks of brilliance. I can hear what the song might have become if we had focused on one or two of them instead of trying to write a new song every practice.

Anyway, I bought five tickets for tonight’s Powerball drawing and I’m off to cross everything I have a pair of in the hopes that I might win.