Some Randomness

Some minor changes will soon take place here at the Bastad. I’ve discovered a new way to handle the “Who’s Who” portion of the site and it’s going to rock ass hardcore. This is thanks to a couple of people who’ve come up with some very cool hacks for pMachine, the program I use to code this site. And, this is probably of no interest at all to you.

It is of interest to me, however. It was a rough but quick week at work and this idea about revamping the “Who’s Who” has been plaguing me for some time. I wanted to make it easier for me to code the links. I wanted to stop them from being pop-ups and go back to normal pages in the same window…

In short, there were a bunch of little things I wanted to do for this website and they’ve all come together in the last couple of hours.

I hope you’ll notice that one of the first of those little things is the addition of a link to the page where you can buy my book. It occurred to me that I was spending time trying to write good entries and drive traffic here but I wasn’t exploiting the fact that I could advertise my book somewhere on the page. That was very stupid of me.

After all, there may be readers out there who weren’t even aware that I wrote and published a book. Now they’ll know.

It’s the night before the 4th of July. Stef and I went to see fireworks in Dracut tonight and that was after I took a few minutes after work to stroll down to Chelmsford Common to check out the fair that happens there every year, which wasn’t quite in full swing when I went by.

They’ve finally finished the half of the office I used to work in and after a month being housed temporarily across the hall, I will be moving back to my old space on Monday. Due to some rearrangements I’ll have a little more room though. There’s new carpet, new desks, and everything. Hell, any little reason to be excited to go back to work helps.