Independence Day

We got up early and drove to my parents’ house and did our prototypical Fourth of July thing. We watched the parade in the morning, had a cookout around noon, watched the Red Sox beat the good-for-nothing Yankees in the afternoon, and then watched the Boston Pops and fireworks on TV to close out the night.

The only other thing worth noting was that, as always, the heat was fucking unbearable and it was so muggy I felt nauseous and/or lightheaded most of the day. Why we couldn’t just have a mild, slightly overcast Fourth of July every once in a while is beyond me.

Other things to note include the fact that I, someone who is not a baseball fan at all, watched a whole Red Sox game. NBC had a special featuring stars from MTV, which is a network owned by the same company that owns CBS. CBS was broadcasting the Pops Concert and fireworks from Boston. Why was this? I guess we’ll never know.

All I know is the heat is supposed to be even worse tomorrow and that just makes me groan in anticipation.