What Is He Talking About?

Stef wanted to go to a park in Salem, MA today in the middle of this atrocious 100 degree heat. I went along with a minimum of fuss because it was something she wanted to do and she’s my wife and I love her and I’m willing to suffer through bullshit weather to make her happy. We didn’t have too bad a time either and eventually we came back home and we each did some homework.

Its very strange to be a 25 year old doing homework. I suppose it’s not strange at all, really. It probably isn’t strange, but that’s the way I look at it. The way I look at it, it is strange.

I only went out one more time after we got back in this afternoon and that was to get us some dinner. While we ate we sat down and watched Catch Me If You Can and enjoyed our relatively cool living room.

The bedroom now beckons though, and the temperature will not be nearly as pleasant in there. Our AC doesn’t reach that far. We kept it on all of last night and it made it bearable this morning. I’m thinking I might do that again, if Stephanie has no complaints. After all, though it was cooling a little bit when I went out to pick up our dinner, it’s still not cool enough outside to let the fresh air be our comfort tonight.