Speedwrite - Lord Of The Apes

Dude, I am dead tired. I didn’t get nearly enough rest this weekend and I’m going to be going back into work tomorrow with little to no energy to plow me through the week. I did have quite a bit of fun hanging out with JonMartin today though. We had ourselves an adventure through Boston and Cambridge this afternoon after Stephanie and I spent the morning doing chores.

Perhaps its because I was up so early this morning that the tiredness is even more pronounced than usual. I was at the grocery store doing the shopping by 7:30 AM and I was back in the apartment cleaning by 8:15 or so. By 9:30 AM Stef was back with the laundry and by 10, at the very latest, we were done with our chores for the day.

When JonMartin and I went out we took to the streets of Boston in search of a couple of books I needed for my upcoming residency as well as a CD Jon had been looking for. We found one of the two books I needed and I was tempted to buy the two Liz Phair albums I don’t own because they were on sale a Newbury Comics for $8.99 each. I restrained myself though, something that has become increasingly difficult these last couple of months.

Jon and I stopped for ice cream at Sully’s in North Chelmsford on our way back. At some point along the ride we got to talking about how we’d probably be driving around the same routes when we were sixty and how, strangely, that didn’t seem pathetic to us. We’ve been circling the same haunts for almost ten years but we never grow tired of them for one reason — these streets, these locations… they’re home for us. No matter where we live or where we move to, good ole Chelmsdale will always be our home.

Or something.