Playing “Disc”

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

Ultimate Frisbee, or “Disc” as I have sometimes heard it called, was something I was barely aware of in my high school days. It wasn’t until the summer following my senior year, and really not until the summer following my freshman year in college, that I really got into it and hung out with the kids that played every weekend or so on the field of a school down the street from my parents’ house.

It was during frisbee the summer between freshman and sophomore year of college that I found myself bumping into all sorts of people from the old crew, Tracy among them. It was mostly Simone and other folks I hadn’t been exceptionally close with though. I enjoyed hanging out with them and playing yet another sport I sucked at, but mostly I went to see if I’d bump into Tracy and find out she wasn’t dating Shawn anymore.

Yeah, I was stupid. Sue me.

Frisbee was good and I don’t think I was picked last as much as I had been in Gym back in the day, but that was probably because most of the people there had been picked last in gym at some point and they were just rotating who got picked last so as not to make no-talent motherfuckers like me feel too bad.

Anyway, I played frisbee on occasion and I did mostly to possibly have a sighting of my ex-girlfriend, but also to hang out with friends and acquaintances I didn’t get to see much of otherwise.

Eventually my brother John ended up playing a lot. I stopped going then. I don’t know why.