The Last Week of the First Year

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

The end of my freshman year at Bradford passed largely without incident. I had made a number of friends and an even greater number of acquaintances. I had made my mark as a member of the literary magazine staff and I had been asked to serve as co-editor the next year. It all wound down and I was sad to go, but anxious for what lay ahead.

One of my last memories from that school year is of the Spring Ball. I attended with Tammy and Jen (co-chairs of the ReView), Rich (my coworker in the PR & Publications office), and Barry, (who was friends with them all). I probably kept to myself for a bunch of it, but I do remember entering with them and leaving with them.

I don’t remember much about the dance itself. I probably danced with Rachael and Louann and maybe a couple of others. Tammy, Jen, Rich, and Barry were all in various states of drunkeness. One or both of the guys might not have been drinking. Rich might’ve actually not been there at all. I can’t remember.

The lot of us ended up loading up into one of the cars, though it wasn’t my Tempo, and we drove for a late dinner at Denny’s in Salem, NH. One or two of our Bradford classmates were working there and we all ordered breakfast though it was close to midnight by the time we arrived. Or something.

The distinct impression I have about the events of that night are that they were a blast and I really enjoyed hanging out with Tammy, Jen, Barry, and Rich (if he was there).