Graphic Design - Both Real & Fake

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

As I finished my last weeks as an student employee of the public relations and publications department at Bradford I was also finishing up my first graphic design class. I had been thrilled at the idea of working for Darryl at the beginning of the year, of honing the design skills I’d just realized I had at the end of high school. But mostly Darryl just had me address and stuff envelopes for his side business, something he shouldn’t have been doing. It was one of the reasons, I’m sure, that the school got rid of him that summer and wouldn’t allow anyone who had worked there, myself included, to work there again.

While I was doing my “work” at the publications department I was also undertaking a real, authentic graphic design project as part of my Graphic Design class. I wasn’t a big fan of the teacher. I didn’t like the way she’d made us spend two-thirds of the class immersed in old-fashioned, by-hand design. Now though, it was my chance to really shine.

We were to take a poem and create a sort of accordion-type pamphlet out of it, complete with pictures and proper font usage to evoke the feeling behind the piece we chose. I, being the egomaniac that I was (am), chose a poem I had written — Anymore.

The result was a better example of my graphic design talents than any little project Darryl had given me in between envelope stuffing. It featured pictures of me through the years alongside the melancholy poem which would later become a song. It was absolutely wonderful.