Switching DVDs

I’d like to tell you something that bothers me about some DVDs. The discs can store a wealth of data so you would think that a movie would have to be six hours long for it to have to be split onto two discs. This is not the case, however. Tonight, for the second time in my DVD watching history, I was forced to switch DVDs in the middle of a movie. And, I was not at all happy about it.

This time the movie was Gangs of New York. Compared to the last movie where I had to switch DVDs in the middle, Pearl Harbor, at least Gangs makes it worth my while. It still pisses me off though because really, why couldn’t they put the whole movie on one disc?

Anyway, watching that flick was how Stef and I chose to spend our evening tonight. The rest of the day was just the same old boring details. My computer was overheating at work and I was restless with an idea that spawned in my head on the drive in. I did write three or four paragraphs down when I first got to work and they were magical, as if I was transcribing some supernatural voice speaking through me.

Or something.