Dr. Earl On The Radio

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

My Dad, who went by the name Doctor Earl when he was doing his disc-jockey thing, came by to guest-host my radio program one Wednesday in February 1996. I think it was supposed to be just him and I, but Jon and Missy ended up coming up too and we suddenly had quite a conundrum. Dad wanted to play his stuff. I wanted to play my stuff and I was interested in hearing what Dad had brought. Jon wanted to play an entirely different set of stuff on top of that.

It was, at once, one of my favorite and least favorite shows. I loved having them all there. I hated having to figure out who the fuck I was going to pay attention to at any given moment. I loved that the presence of the three of them made the show even more eclectic than ever. I hated the fact that I stressed out so damn much in the process of doing the show.

Dad brought a bunch of older records, including some Tubes stuff and a few other things. JonMartin brought Oasis, I think, and probably a heap of REM.

It was a good show but I stressed out doing it and I’m feeling a bit stressed right now just talking about it.