Reverse College Day

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

My weird desire to never really leave Chelmsford High School led me back to my alma mater on 11 January 1996 to represent Bradford at Reverse College Day. This is where recent high school graduates came back to the school to represent their colleges and encourage Juniors and Seniors to start getting their shit together.

I think it took a little manuevering to get out of classes that day and of course I had my new girlfriend and my band distracting me, but I was determined to come back and represent Bradford. The school had been everything I expected it to be so far and I was sure I could convince others to come along and join me.

My convincing didn’t work. No one from Chelmsford ended up following me to Bradford until my senior year.

I did get to see all of the old peeps again though. I’m sure that JonMartin and the rest of the band probably stopped by. I might have seen Tracy, though I’m not sure. There were some familiar faces from my graduating class and we were polite to each other, but whatever.

Anyway, Reverse College Day was interesting and I ended up with a neat little letter saying how cool I was for showing up.