Telling Stories

Because I strained a muscle in my left arm while working out yesterday, I decided to take today off and try to get up more entries than usual. I did much more than I had expected to do and ended up finishing off 1996. I retold the ending of one phase of my band and the beginning of another. I told of the beginning and end of a relationship. It was cathartic and fun.

Those activities, the writing of journal entries and the stories and the reading of books and articles, are what I truly look forward to when I get up in the morning, especially on mornings like today when I wake up an hour early and sleepiness tries to convince me that I’ve actually woken up fifteen minutes late. It’s not work or a paycheck that excites me. It is my writing. Everything else exists to get me to the point where I am allowed to put words upon a page.

Today at work wasn’t as stressful as it has been this week but it was still work and I am still longing to hear the whistle blow tomorrow afternoon and have the weekend to do with as I please. Perhaps I will be reenergized by Monday. One can only hope.

Of course, if I win Mass Millions tonight, I could start my weekend a bit earlier.