Another Today

I was too tired today, after last night’s exploits, to do anything substantial. Indeed, I spent most of the day either at the computer working on pages for this website or sitting somewhere and napping. I have no idea why a simple night out with friends would have done this to me, but it did. And, that left me with only one real choice regarding a visit I’d been talking about for tonight.

Jimmy and I have been trying to plan something for ages and every time we get close to actually getting together, something comes up. This time it was my tiredness. Last time, it was God knows what. I can only hope he’s not too perturbed with me to give up on hanging out entirely.

I did manage to get out to get my car’s oil changed and get my hair cut but then I came right back here and I spent a good portion of the afternoon asleep on the couch.

I did make progress on the new Who’s Who pages for this site, which will soon go up. I did get my haircut and my car’s oil changed. Things did happen, but I missed out on my chance to hang with Jimmy.

Of course, since I wasn’t able to get in touch with him via e-mail in the morning (bouncebacked message) or phone in the afternoon (voicemail), maybe he wasn’t available either. Oh well.

I think it’s about time for me to go to bed so that tomorrow is not another today.