TV For Christmas

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

There are two presents that stick out in my memories of Christmas 1995. One of them was something I gave and the other was something I received. The gift I gave, with a little help from my brother and my cousin Billy, was a copy of my Dad’s band’s old tape. The gift I received was a television to bring back to my dorm room at Bradford.

The night before I had Billy, John, and myself locked up in my room upstairs winding tape into a new cassette and then taping it onto a brand-new tape. It was tedious but the result the next morning was worth it. Dad was quite pleased and we have a picture that proves it. He looks totally shocked.

I wasn’t particularly shocked about getting a TV. I think I had asked for it. It was one of the coolest presents I’d ever received. This would make me even more popular with my roommate, who had been traveling across campus to catch TV shows and such. Now we could watch movies and whatever in the comfort of our own room.

The rest of Christmas 1995 is a blur, but those two gifts make it stand out as one of the best I celebrated in the 90s.