Claire - The Other Girl From Pennsylvania

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

A word must be said about Claire, the other girl from Pennsylvania, who it seemed everybody was in love with in one way or another. I remember Larsen being close to her, and Russel, and of course I dug her too. I don’t remember ever being properly infatuated with her, but I do remember that she was a sweet girl and she came from a town that Billy Joel had written a song about.

She either only stayed for the one semester (Fall 1995) or just freshman year. She wasn’t there long but she was there long enough to leave lasting impressions on people. We all missed her when she was gone and I’m not sure if anyone knows what happened to her.

I couldn’t omit her from this journal though. That would be an amazing error and a careless omission.