The Demise of Pop Ups

I decided to update and modify the functionality behind the Who’s Who portion of this website for two very important reasons. The first reason was that I wanted it to be easier to code the damn links. Before, it was a tedious process of copying the coded link from a file on my desktop into the interface I use to type these entries. Now all I have to do is surround the name I want to link with a couple of characters and WAH-LA it works. The second reason I decided to change the Who’s Who functionality was because of my growing disgust for pop-up windows.

Pop-up windows used to be useful. They used to be kind of cool. It wasn’t long though, before advertisers co-opted the idea and made us all so sick of the damn things that now we download programs designed to stop us from ever having to see them. This has brought us back to the beginning and made me, at least, realize the beauties inherent in good ole hypertext. The beauty of the Internet is that you can get lost in it. You click on one link and it gets you somewhere else and then a link on that page takes you somewhere else and by the time you’re done you’ve discovered a whole slew of information you never wanted or needed to know.

For instance, say you click on the name of my friend JonMartin here. Then you might read his little bio and deduce that you’d like to read more about the girl that we both had a crush on in high school and all of a sudden you’re over at the page for my ex-girlfriend Tracy. It’s beautiful. It’s wonderful. And, you don’t need pop-ups to get the message across. If you want to keep reading this entry you’ll find your way back to it eventually.

There are still a bunch of pages linking to the old-fashioned pop-up ads. I’m still trying to figure out how to get them changed over. But, I feel like I made a big step in the right direction last night and early this morning and that’s why I allowed myself to just be happy to be alive today and that’s why I allowed myself to go out and have fun with Jon tonight instead of doing more work. We went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean and it was quite fun — a good popcorn flick.

We didn’t have any popcorn though. Jon had Snow Caps and I had Reeses Pieces. I don’t really think that’s all that important though.