Six To Eight Years To Arrive

I have spent way too much time staring at computer screens and doing tedious chores today. At work I had a bunch of mailings to get out. Before work I had my database to fix. After work I had my database to fix. And, once my database was fixed it was time to get back to going through every one of my 1145 entries to recode old links gone bad.

The weekend looks like it will just be more of the same because I really want to take care of this and two other web-related projects before Monday comes. The trouble is, I was thinking of pulling an all-nighter tonight but I’m already sick of what I’m doing at eleven o’clock.

There are simpler ways to do some of this. I could finagle the database in such a way that I could do a search and replace to get rid of the old code. Unfortunately, that’s only half the problem because there were some instances where I was supposed to insert the code and never did. That means that I also have to read every entry to see where new code needs to be placed where there was none before.

Hmm… I am talking about technical things again. I thought I promised not to do that again. I must go beat myself now.