Monotony: The Bored Game

Just over twenty-four hours from when I began the unholy quest to fix the Who’s Who links in every one of my 1146 journal entries, I am finally finished. There are some small bits of cleanup I have to do tomorrow but other than that the first of the three projects I’d hoped to tackle this weekend is finished. I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing that makes me feel.

It also makes me feel really fucking tired. I did about seven hours of work on it this morning, from 6:40 AM to roughly 1:40 PM. I did finally take a break for a couple of hours then, but after dinner I got right back to it and I’ve just finished up another three hours of work.

The details of all this work are really not interesting at all. Instead, I’d like to take a moment to share with you what I did during my break before I pass out.

JonMartin called me during the one o’clock hour and saved me from certain doom. I was about ready to pass out for the rest of the day from the monotony of the task in front of me. Jon suggested we get together for lunch and stuff. Aside from the fact that I thought that sounded exactly like what I needed, I also required him and his digital camera for a little project I’m working on.

The coolest of the pictures he shot has already been put into place where it will be used, so I’m not going to share that one here. But, here are a couple of the other ones I thought were particularly spiffy.

Jon and I partook in some other minor adventures, including a short viewing of An Evening With Kevin Smith and a field trip to Nashua, NH, but the pictures and the way they came out is what stands out about the day to me. The whole process of him taking them and then getting them onto the computer seemed so simple in comparison to the bullshit I have to go through with a “regular” camera. It made me even more sure that I wanted a digital camera.

Oh, and Jon and Julie managed to secure us all some really killer seats for the REM show on my birthday this year. I could not go without mentioning that.

But, now that I have mentioned it, I am indeed going to go to bed.