Speedwrite & The City

I kinda really wish the Project Greenlight television series was not on Sunday nights. The problem with it being on Sunday nights is that, after watching people engaged in a creative process I wish I was engaged in, having to face work tomorrow seems all the more unbearable. Watching a show like that, about the creative process, always seems to find little ways to ruin an otherwise alright day.

There were three projects I wanted to get done this weekend. One of them was the Who’s Who project, which I did finish. The second project was the redevelopment of the backbone functionality of the Clarkwoods.com website. That did not get done. Some shit did get done for the third project but I’m not ready to reveal what that’s about, so let’s talk about the second project for a second.

I had some real clarity today as regards the Clarkwoods.com project. The problems with the site and its lack of performance have very little to do with the backend functionality. My main concern, that the ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘View Cart’ buttons open new windows, is really unfounded. Most people, if they even have pop-up blockers, don’t have pop-up blockers as strict as mine and if they want to buy the book they’ll be able to buy the book. Hence, my desire to migrate to a full-fledged shopping cart solution was kind of silly. That’s just adding more work to my plate while not solving the actual problem.

The actual problem with Clarkwoods.com is that there’s no reason to go back there once you’ve bought the book. This site, by contrast, offers regularly updated content and a chance to participate in the dialogue that’s generated by my rambling. Clarkwoods.com needs new content, not new functionality.

Therefore, I have three major goals for the Clarkwoods.com site over the next month:

  1. Add new product: Give the people more things to choose from and add products from time to time. As a first-round blitz, offer VHS and VCD copies of my two plays and Stephanie’s senior project as well as the Pop Bubblegum Trash video collection.
  2. Implement bimonthly newsletter: Give people something to sign up for. Newsletter should have story excerpts, articles by me and other friends. Maybe it also has a comic strip or something.
  3. Launch ‘Kimball’ — collaborative story:  Get people to contribute their stories about college, stories about people they knew that went to college, people who lived in college towns, or stories about anything else. It begins with a single concept and grows like a fungus.

Now, with these three goals plus the other concept I’m not yet talking about, plus reading and writing for my graduate program, I’ve decided to give up on the exercising for the time being. I also have the screenplay I’m writing with JonMartin, which I am very excited to begin working on this week.

Now, if I can just get through the days at work, it seems as if I have quite a bit to look forward to in the coming weeks. When I let my mind calm and I think not on heavy matters, this makes me smile.