Boring HTML Work

My quest to make this website entirely pop-up free is now complete. There were still a few stray bits of code calling pop-ups and after doing today’s batch of archival entries I found those stray bits and got rid of them. At the same time I decided to fix a couple of little problems with my template, things the average user would never notice unless they viewed the source of the page, and make my webpage compliant with the W3C HTML 4.01 Transitional Guidelines.

Yes, it really was as boring as it sounds.

For some reason I got obsessed with my pages fitting into the guidelines today. I got so obsessed that I decided to try my hand at creating an XHTML-compliant page, a version of this site done with heaping amounts of CSS.

That was as boring as it sounds too.

Well, I mean, it was fun and interesting while I was doing it but at some point messing with the structure and design of the document just ceases to be cool and you want to focus on the content instead.

Anyway, I also got an answer from PayPal on the one issue I’ve been having with the shopping cart. That being resolved, I can now move on to the third major project I had set out for myself this weekend.

But first I’ve got to get some sleep.