There is a screenplay that I’m not sure I’ve written much on. It’s an idea that Jon and I have been kicking around for ages. Tonight we finally got to work on it and brought it out of the ether and onto the page — an electronic page but a page nonetheless. It was an absolutely cool evening and we got nine pages out of it. Really, what more can you ask for?

JonMartin and I have spoken of collaborating on a number of things since the breakup of our band in 1997. Sometimes these ideas of collaboration have come to fruition, (his performance in my senior project is one instance that comes to mind), and sometimes they have not. This idea, this particular one, is one that I always hoped would happen. And tonight it did happen.

I wasn’t quite sure what writing something along with someone else would be like. I’ve written songs with other people, sure. I’d never written an actual piece of prose or drama with a collaborator though. I wasn’t sure how it would work and I suppose that uncertainty might have played part in why it took so long for us to begin working. Perhaps we weren’t sure how to begin.

Well, we found a way to begin. Jon was at the keyboard and a great flow of ideas came from him. I interjected when I had an idea, but mainly we worked off the guideline we had set up beforehand. It was quite brilliant and quite efficient. I think we have something good on our hands.

And so, Tuesday evenings for the time-being will now be devoted to this collaborative effort. At the end of it all I believe we will have a terrific screenplay to share with the world and possibly, to turn into a film.

In short, I am quite pleased.