Soul Asy Without The Lum

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

The gang loaded up into a limo at Jon’s house towards the end of August 1995 and we got our cool-ass asses driven down to Great Woods to check out a concert headlined by the one and only Soul Asylum, touring behind their second “big” album Let Your Dim Light Shine. Though the opening bands were numerous and only the first was even moderately good, when Dave Pirner and the boys came out swinging with “Somebody To Shove” it was all good.

The aforementioned gang consisted of JonMartin, Garen, and at least a few others. I don’t recall who else was there. I do recall that we all had seats in the pavilion except for Garen or else he had a seat in the pavilion and we all had seats on the lawn. Whatever the case was, we all ended up sitting pretty close to the stage in the pavilion. I’m not sure how we managed it, but we did.

As I said above, the opening bands took forever and weren’t particularly interesting. I recall Matthew Sweet being okay and then there was at least one more, probably two more bands. The Jayhawks, I think. Anyway, we were really bored for a long while as the summer heat and the sun went away and slowly (very slowly) it came time for Soul Asylum to take the stage.

I recall it being a very badass set. They opened with “Somebody To Shove” and played basically every good cut off of Dim Light and Grave Dancer’s Union. I don’t think we heard anything from the earlier albums like ...And The Horse They Rode In On, but we might have.

That’s basically all I remember. It was a cool show, my first since NIN at the beginning of the year, and it was a totally different experience than the first show I went to. It was fun and everyone seemed to have a good time.