Vacation @ Art & Sandy’s

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

When we were done with Disney World our last family vacation finished itself off at the home of my Mom’s Uncle Art and Aunt Sandy. I had last seen them in October when we were all in Hershey and between that visit and the week they spent in Massachusetts following the death of my grandfather, I had become somewhat close to them, much closer than I suppose I’d ever expected.

I recall having a simply splendid time there. Art and Sandy welcomed us in and we did a whole bunch of things, everything from just hanging out and banging away at their piano to visiting a beach and some sort of historical site or mansion or something. It was just a fun time and the fact that I had as good a time there as I had at Disney made me feel a bit old.

After a couple of days at their house, Mom, Dad, John, and me headed off to the airport to come home. At the airport I bought a paperback copy of Tim Allen’s book Don’t Stand Too Close To A Naked Man to read on the plane. I didn’t end up finishing the book until years later but it did amuse me while we were waiting to board and during the short flight back up the coast.

When we got home we got picked up at the airport, probably by my Uncle Austin, and then we went home. It was a good vacation but it was time to start getting ready for the next major step in my life.

Bradford College awaited me.