The Art Show

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

I had been in to see the 4th of July Art Show before, but it wasn’t until the summer following my senior year of high school that I finally submitted any of my own art to it. I won an honorable mention though, for my portrait of a girl named Jen. It was supposed to be the face of my comic book heroine but when I finally got around to drawing her in the comic she didn’t look anything like that.

There might’ve been a second piece of mine in the show but I don’t think so.

The rest of the 4th of July involved visits and accidentally bumping into old friends from high school. I saw Meg at one point, either on the night before or briefly on the actual day. I was supposed to go see fireworks at the place where her father was helping to arrange them but I got lost in Lowell trying to find them after getting stuck on the Rourke Bridge because some idiot had run out of gas on the narrow rivercrossing.

Uhm, that’s it. I should’ve mentioned that at some point during the summer there was a whole gang of theater types and their extended friend-bases who got together when the yearbooks finally arrived. We gathered under the big tree on Chelmsford Common and signed each other’s books. Meg was there too and I went right after working a morning shift at Purity. I don’t know when that was though.