Brocolli Juice

My wife just laughed in the other room at precisely the same time as I was laughing over Heather’s response to Jose’s response on yesterday’s entry. (Got all that?) I asked Stephanie what she was laughing about and she told me, “Brocolli juice.” It was very odd but I don’t think my ears were clogged and so I just said, “I guess that is funny.”

I just got back from Storytelling Night at the Crescent Dragon and I suppose I am in an exceptionally good mood. JonMartin came along tonight and though the crowd was small, everyone seemed to have a good time. I read second, just behind the feature, and I read the first part of “Death By Cursor” from my book Those Little Bastads. After a few more people went up and it seemed as if no one else was ready to go, the feature, Laura Packer, asked me to come back and finish the story. Though I mumbled the last couple of lines, probably out of a fear that I was getting on people’s nerves, I did finish it and it seemed to go well and people seemed to dig it.

After a couple of the other storytellers got up and read for a second time it seemed like they were going to call it a night almost an hour early. Feeling a peculiar surge of confidence, I asked if I might share one last thing. The small crowd agreed and I went up and read the first four pages of a work in progress, one of the stories I’m preparing for my MFA program which is tentatively titled, “The One About Carl, Who Played Football.” That seemed to go over well too and I ended up chatting with some people in the audience who were formerly from Lowell and formerly from Bradford, as it happened.

Jon collected some information from Laura and I gave my business card to one of the other readers who is organizing an event at Winnekenni Castle in Haverhill around Halloween and then we were off for Slush Puppies to end the night, talking about web hosting and our script and all sorts of other things.