The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

When CHS put on a festival of scenes by Shakespeare in the weeks immediately following graduation, I was involved. At least I think it was following graduation. Who the hell knows? What I do know is that I played Lord Capulet in one scene, and someone from Midsummer in another and someone from Titus in another. I do recall that JonMartin was supposed to be involved and then he wasn’t. And, I do recall that the show wasn’t entirely spectacular.

I was embarrassed about having to wear a toga. As a pudgy kid I was embarrassed by anything that had me exposing even the smallest part of my naked chest. Some people were better at doing the togas as well. I sucked at it.

The show went okay and there was the requisite amount of melodrama behind the scenes as well. I spent a great deal of time with Meg and her friend, who had a crush on Rob. Rob wasn’t aware at all, if I recall correctly, and I think Meg’s friend was about to make her move at the cast party when suddenly, she didn’t.

I was responsible for driving Rob to the party and Meg and her friend drove behind us. It was my responsibility to get him there so she could approach him. I don’t think she ever did.

At the cast party, which was much more tame than the one for Hansel and Gretel or the one for Brigadoon, (though neither of those parties was particularly risque either), most people crowded around the TV and watched Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock in Speed. I don’t recall whose house it was but I do recall that it was a generally good time.

And mostly, I recall that for all the melodrama that was going on with Meg’s friend, I recall that nothing happened there.