Drum Hill with Jon & Stander

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

I came back to school a lot in the weeks following graduation while the underclassmen were finishing their classes. I wasn’t the only one who did this either. A lot of our friends were still in school, even if we had graduated already. Don’t go thinking I’m a weirdo now. It was common theme at CHS then for seniors to not know when they’d worn out their welcome.

One afternoon in particular stands out vividly in my mind. JonMartin and Stander were my cohorts that day. Jon and I had just recently made up after our falling out over Tracy. Stander… well, I had never been a big fan. He fucking punished me when the thing between Tracy and I was breaking up, always teasing me about how he’d had more conversations with her than I had. I wasn’t thrilled about hanging out with him. I felt he was somehow partially responsible for the end of the best thing that had ever happened to me.

Anyway, I met up with Jon and Stander and two girls whose names I can’t recall and we walked from the high school, around the Drum Hill rotary and then out behind a row of buildings where there was a Chinese food restaurant and a Carvel Bakery.

We talked a lot and it was kind of awkward. I listened to what had been going on with Jon for the past couple of months.  Stander might’ve spoken as well, but I don’t recall anything particular. After a couple hours or so we went back to the high school and parted ways.

It was our first get-together since his visit to the computer lab to set the record straight, and though it would be another couple of weeks before I really saw him again, Jon and I were on our way back to where we used to be.