Tired and Nauseous

I spent most of today both tired and nauseous. I blame a candy bar I bought from the convenience store downstairs from work. Well, I blame that and the fact that I got so little sleep last night after working into the wee hours on one of my two new websites. I made it through the day without throwing up though, and that’s all that really matters.

I’m terrified of throwing up. I won’t get any further into it though. That’s certainly not going to help me get rid of my nausea.

The highlight of today, aside from getting a whole bunch of things to work on my new site and feeling pretty clever about it, was Stef and I taking in the film Seabiscuit. It was a great film in my opinion but, like almost every movie I’ve seen lately, it probably could have been twenty minutes shorter. There wasn’t a specific twenty-minute sequence I would have cut out, because every sequence was interesting, but there had to be some way to cut that thing down just a bit more. You did get the feeling it was going to end about three times before it actually did end.

The beginning of the film was particularly interesting to me because it dealt with the first years of the twentieth century and those years comprise the latter half of the historical novel I’ve been kicking around in my mind for the past couple of years. Though my story is based in Cape Cod, which will make the action rather insular because it was at a stand still, development-wise, for much longer than the rest of the nation, it’s interesting to watch films that deal with what was going on in the rest of the nation.

Anyway, after the movie we came back here and I worked some more on web site stuff, checked to see if my new domain was resolving to my new hosting company, and then I came in to write this. Now it’s bed time.