Into The Speedwrite

Stacey, Stephanie, and I loaded up into the car just after noon to head off to a goodbye party for our old friend Prok, who we hadn’t seen in almost five years. The adventure took us to Worcester, where Jason and his partner Russel have been staying for about a month or so. They’re set to take off to Virginia on Friday so that Jason can begin a Master’s program down there and so they wrote a couple e-mails, made a couple phone calls, and organized themselves a going-away party.

Most of our time there was spent in the living room looking through a box full of Jason’s old photographs and revisiting times gone by and discussing the present whereabouts of the people who’ve been in and out of our lives over the past near-decade. We spent about three hours there and then we said our goodbyes and Stephanie and I drove Stacey over to her boyfriend’s place to pick up her car.

Talking with Jason reminded me of how I felt like I’d lost track of all my old letters and trinkets and so, when I came home, I started digging through old boxes just to make sure I still had all the old mementos I thought I had. I found nearly everything I was looking for and that was good.

After dinner and a viewing of The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition, I decided to come in here to the office to scan some of my findings. Unfortunately, I discovered that my scanner is no longer working. I’m guessing that something happened to it last week when JonMartin and I were futzing around with the USB ports to get a file off my machine and onto his. I don’t know what to do. As little as I use my scanner sometimes, when I do get around to using it I use it a lot.

I am really kinda worried and pissed off all at the same time, not at Jon or myself, but just at the situation. I really want my scanner to be working.