Scanner Issues

After struggling again this afternoon to get my scanner working on my desktop, I gave up and got it working on my laptop. I’m not sure why it’s giving me trouble and I refuse to speculate any further because the last thing I need is another day of wondering how the hell I’m going to fix my scanner.

Because really, even though I did a fair amount of work at work today, the scanner is what I was thinking about the whole time.

And, because I spent my early evening working on that problem, I didn’t end up doing any archival entries or any work on the new site I planned to launch this week. I’m having some troubles with the new page rendering in Netscape 4 and I need to work out those kinks before the launch.

Anyway, I’m tired as usual and it’s time to go to bed. Tomorrow I’ve got work and then my weekly writing session with JonMartin, so there’s something to look forward to.

Oh, and Bob Hope died today. For some reason, that makes me sad.