The Beating of My Brother

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

On the day that I went to pick out my tuxedo for the Prom there was a fire alarm at the high school. It was a bomb threat or an actual fire or something. Who knows? What I do know is that on his way to a friend’s house after school, my brother got the shit kicked out of him by a bunch of kids who had fathers in influential places and refused to accept responsibility for it.

They were after John’s friend and John stuck up for him and got himself beaten up because of it. This was the news that Mom and I came home to after the ordeal of picking out a tuxedo for an event I would almost certainly be attending alone, barring some unforeseen miracle.

I don’t know if John was home yet or not, but I think it was Grandma at the door who broke the news and actually, I think he wasn’t home yet because I think Dad had gone off to get him.

News has spread quickly and I soon got a phonecall from Di and Megan, who were over at Di’s place just down the street. They offered to take me out to a movie to cheer me up after this. They knew that my brother and I weren’t close but they understood that no matter how strained a brotherly relationship might be, I was bound to be a little fucked up by the fact that kids had beaten the piss out of my brother.

I did go over to Di’s place and I think there was a birthday party or something going on for her brother. We eventually made our way in my car to the Rte. 3 Cinema and we arrived at about the same time as her brother’s group. Her brother and his friends wanted to see the new Keanu Reeves flick, Johnny Pneumonic, and since everyone was too young to buy tickets but me, I ended up getting a slew of minors into see the film.

Inside, Di, Megan, and I ended up sitting in front of KenMills and Adam who were also there for some unknown reason. They quickly got on the girls’ nerves and the girls quickly got on their nerves and the movie sucked too so after about a half an hour we took off.

We ended up going back to Di’s place and watching A Hard Day’s Night or at least part of it and I was sad about my brother and the fact that I was hanging out with two girls who I had wanted to go to the prom with but who had either denied me or had never gotten the chance to know I wanted to go with them until they were already going with someone else.

Overall, senior-type stuff wasn’t going over so well.