The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

I was a member of the stage crew for the CHS spring musical in my senior year. We did Brigadoon and because I wasn’t musically inclined in the slightest, I didn’t audition. I was addicted to theater though and I made my move to get involved somehow. If stage crew was how I was going to be a part of the show, then that was fine by me.

A few memories stand out. During the first night of the show the lighting guy had his cues fucked up and brought the lights up on us during the middle of a scene change. He quickly remedied the situation but we had to rush and work even harder to get the shit off the stage that time. My back, which had already been kinda sorta fucked up from a number of things, totally gave out on me. I spent most of the next scene lying on a makeshift bed out in the hall.

There I met Laura, who would later date JonMartin. I think they were already in the process of getting to know each other actually. Anyway, Laura, who was in the show, took pity on me and gave me a back rub (or neck rub or something) during that scene. We’d just met and I thought this was cool. She was pretty and giving me a massage. Who was I to complain?

The rest of the show and the run seems pretty uneventful in my mind. The next big thing I remember is getting dragged along to the cast party. I hadn’t been at this particular house since I stopped delivering papers years before. I wondered if they still had the dog that tried to bite my finger off once. I wondered if I would bump into anyone I didn’t want to see.

It was pleasant though, a nice gathering of people, and it was right down the street from my parents’ house so I could (and did) just walk home. I didn’t do much except avoid Jon when I saw him because I didn’t want a confrontation in the middle of the party. I hung out and said hello to people and then I took off.

It was a good enough show and a good enough cast but I was just stage crew after all.