They Stole My Kit-Kat

Jon and I just finished up our second evening of work on the screenplay that will help us take over the world. Once again, I was amazed at the funny shit we came up with when we put our twisted imaginations to work together. Truly, this is the sort collaboration I’ve always longed for but never thought possible. I think, because we’ve been friends for so long and because we have such complimentary senses of humor, that we come up with stuff that just works.

The rest of this busy day was just spent waiting for our meeting to get here. This is a really a weekly event I can look forward to and I think JonMartin and I are really producing something special. I can’t wait for the day when we finally share it with the world. Our screenplay and the film that will be made based on it will absolutely rock.

Because yesterday I was dealing with the scanner and tonight before Jon came over I was trying to catch up on my archival journal entries, it seems that the release of my new website might be delayed. This is most disappointing to me because I’ve built a fair amount of buzz among the select few who have promised to promote it to their friends. I don’t want that buzz to die.

It’ll get done soon though. I know the things I need to do and they aren’t complex. It’s just going to take a bit of time. I’m not upset about it though because, for once, I don’t feel like I’ve been wasting my time instead of getting the project done. I just have so many projects I’m working on and they’re all so much fun.