Prom Date - A Girl From Purity?

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

When it seemed all of my friends had paired up I turned to Prom date options at the grocery store. There were a couple of cute girls there and I’d had a crush on one of them for a short spell already. I didn’t really know any of them well enough to pose the question, but I was getting desperate. For a good little while I did think seriously about asking one of the girls I worked with.

Erica was the girl I had a crush on at the grocery store and I remember that I thought about asking her to the Prom for a little while. She was very nice, nice to everyone around her and more importantly she was nice to me. She was a cute blonde girl and I didn’t understand how anyone could not be attracted to her. I figured any attempt on my part to ever engage this girl in any more than the simplest of conversations would probably result in catastrophe.

She had said hello to me a couple of times in school and I had said hello back but basically we just talked at the grocery store.

I’m sure I could have asked her. I’m sure her answer would have been a polite ‘no’ but I’m sure that asking her would have boosted my lagging confidence anyway. Just working up the guts to ask would’ve been an accomplishment.

My journal notes that some kid we worked with ruined this opportunity but I don’t remember anything about him and I don’t remember anything about how he could have possibly ruined it. So, whatever.