I Love It On Top

The following reflection was written in 2003, when I was between 25 and 26 years old.

There was a psychology trip to the Museum of Science in the latter portion of my senior year and both sections of the psych class went. This was a lot of people and there were at least two busses.

I spent most of my day with Tracy and Jonathan (not JonMartin), who were in the same section of the class as me. On the trip there I remember Tracy giving Jon and me crap about something but I’m not sure what. It wasn’t so annoying that we ditched her because I don’t recall any portion of the day that I didn’t spend with them.

The exhibits were nice and all but my real memory of the trip, aside from wondering what Meg (the friend, not the ex-girlfriend) was up to because her section of the class was on the trip as well, was the trip home.

As we were heading up the on-ramp from the Museum of Science to the upper deck of Route 93 I turned to Jonathan and muttered, “We’re going on top…” and he was like, “Yeah?” and I was like, “We’re going on top” and then very loudly I said, “I LOVE IT ON TOP!”

Jonathan was laughing his ass off, as were a couple of the chaperones (one of whom had counseled me earlier in the school year). My teacher went red, not knowing I was capable of such raunchy humor. Then she laughed too.

It was good to have a little bit of humor in a month that was spent mostly trying to figure out who I was going to go to the prom with.