Bulletproof Dog Suit

I had to catch up on writing archival entries tonight becuase I skipped out on Monday to deal with the scanner. If it wasn’t for that, my new site might be ready for public consumption right now. Unfortunately, as it stands I probably won’t get it up tomorrow and if I don’t get it up tomorrow I might think it better to just wait until Monday to launch it.

I’m not going to talk about the new site anymore though because I feel like I’m just teasing you with it and not giving any information and that’s probably getting annoying.

Aside from doing double the archival entries tonight I also did do a little work on the aforementioned project that I promised not to mention again. Aside from that stuff, I worked a busy day at work and then I came home and ate dinner with Stephanie and watched a little bit of American Pie on the FX network.

I read an interesting article on how America is a religion. I recalled that I was supposed to title an entry "Bulletproof Dog Suit" the other day, after one of the ‘Stupidest Things Ever Said’ that appeared on my day-by-day calendar at work.

I also remembered that I had this image that someone sent me the other day that I thought was very amusing for some reason.