The Day The ‘Puter Died

While I was in the shower on the morning of the first day of August 2003, my wife decided to pay a visit to the website of the Outback Steakhouse and that is when, for all intents and purposes, our computer shuffled off this mortal coil… or something. Though both JonMartin and myself would give it our best shots, (and truth be told, my best shot caused more harm than good), the motherboard would not come back to life.

Fortunately no data was lost and most, if not all, of the hardware seems to be in relatively good shape. The problem is that Stef and I are kind of sick of this thing crapping out on us. Though replace the motherboard we could, or even just have it electrically tested and fixed, we are strongly considering purchasing a new computer.

There are so many things that a new PC would enable us to do, especially the new brand of Media Center PCs that seem to be shuffling about. We could convert old home movies, burn DVDs to sell on our website of old performances. When it came down to it, JonMartin and I could even edit the movie we’re working on on one of these new-fangled computing machines.

So, we’ll see what happens tomorrow. But, after a long day at work broken up only by an enormous amount of pizza sent to our office by a hotel we hold classes in regularly, I am off to bed.