My Precious…

There is a beautiful, wonderful new piece of machinery sitting in my office amidst a clutter of things that have yet to be rearranged in the way that I’ve imagined them. There is a brand-spanking new HP Media Center PC copying files over from my old hard drive presently. For those who know things about computers I will say that this amazing new piece of equipment has a 2.80 ghz P4 processor, 1 gig of RAM, a 160 GB hard drive, a 128 mb nvidia video card, a DVD writer and a DVD ROM, firewire, USB, media card readers, a TV tuner….

I could go on forever. I think I’m in love. This machine… It is precious to me.

Okay. I do realize that joke was so last year, but I didn’t have any new fangled gizmos to rave about when first we heard Gollum utter those words. Now I do, so you’ll have to excuse me.

Stephanie and I did decide to go new with our personal computer situation, rather than to try and fix the old machine. There were a number of reasons for it and most of them are in the first paragraph of this entry… Seriously though, there was a lot of stuff we thought we could do with this PC and we’re very happy to have put ourselves into a minor (very minor) bit of debt to secure it.

The office is a shambles because I also decided to rearrange while we were bringing the new computer in. Stef and I are going out to dinner and a movie tonight and tomorrow we’ve got plans with my Mom and Dad, so we may not get around to finishing up this room until Monday.

OH! The PC came with a THX certified 2.1 sound system (two speakeres plus a subwoofer). It kicks some serious ass.

Now, after telling you all this about my brand new machine, ask me why I’m typing this entry on the laptop.

(It’s just because I haven’t hooked the computer up to the network yet.)