Free Video Cameras

Metafilter gave me the most brilliant idea of all time today. I’ve been wanting to make movies out of my three Silver family screenplays for a long while now. With a brand new computer in my office the only thing that’s stopping me now is a camera and a crew. I know I could get the crew together but the camera… Well, I always imagined that would prove a little bit more difficult.

Metafilter, however, has shown me the way.

Today somebody posted a story about a guy who bought a video camera from Circuit City on his friend’s credit card with the intent to film a documentary and then return the piece of equipment before Circuit City’s 30 money-back guarantee was up. It would cost him nothing but the cost of tape to film the flick, so long as he planned carefully and got all of his photography out of the way in a month.

This is what I want to do. This could be fucking brilliant. Filming A Lick and a Promise, The People vs. Jesus Christ, and Just Like Family would be a dream come true. I know I could get the cast and the crew and I know I could polish the scripts up nice and good. And now I know where I would get the camera.