A stupid conflict between Outlook and Norton Antivirus screwed up my plans for the evening and I’m not very happy about it. I went through two firmware upgrades on my router and a handful of restarts before I finally typed the error Outlook was producing into Google and got my answer. So, in addition to wasting my evening I now feel really stupid.

Well, I don’t feel that stupid. I just wish I could have figured this out days ago. I have a ton of shit to do and I don’t need e-mail problems preventing me from being productive.

So, I think the problem is solved. Of course, there may be other Outlook problems too but we’ll just trust that there aren’t any others for now.

I was supposed to work on this new website I keep talking about tonight. I didn’t do that. I was supposed to get some more reading done for school. I didn’t do that either. I did manage to get all the stories by my classmates printed. That was a huge fucking chore and it ate up almost an entire ream of paper. I don’t know how I’m going to read all these stories. My classmates certainly pushed the word and page count limits.

I did read two stories today and they were both pretty good. One of them was excellent. The other one had potential. I certainly feel like I’m in good company but strangely, I don’t feel outclassed yet. We’ll see if that changes in the next week or so.